Vanaheim Nornir Chests Locations and Solution


Are you struggling to find the chests in Vanaheim, or maybe you have found them but don’t know how to open them? Well, in this article, our goal is to cover how to find all the chests in Vanaheim and to give you the solution to opening them. 

Spoiler Alert* if you haven’t played GOWR yet, there will be spoilers in this guide.


God of War: Ragnarok has a chest hidden all over the map in different realms. In Vanaheim, the chests are hidden in different locations and are sometimes difficult to open. Here’s a list of the chests we are going to be discussing.

  • The Southern Wilds Nornir Chest 
  • Eastern Barri Woods Nornir Chest
  • The Abandoned Village Nornir Chest
  • Cliffside Ruins Nornir Chest

Each chest has a puzzle you need to solve before it can be unlocked. Before we get stuck, here are a few tips that will help you with all the chests in God of War Ragnarok. Most chests have three runic symbols on them. 

Here’s a video tutorial to help you find and unlock the chests in Vanaheim

To unlock them, you will need to find these symbols on surrounding objects and use either your Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, or Draupnir Spear to hit the objects in the same order as you see them on the chest. 

These chests are just the start of it. The God of War: The Ragnarok game is filled with secret missions, hidden areas, and many Easter eggs. Read about them all here.

The Southern Wilds Nornir Chest 

How to find the Southern Wilds Nornir Chest
How to find the Southern Wilds Nornir Chest

The first chest we will look at can be found in the Southern Wilds, near the top left of the map. The chest is easy to find. It’s on the path in front of you. To solve the puzzle, you will need to look for three objects. 

Each object will have three plates you need to hit, which will change the runic symbol on the object. The first one can be found if you turn directly to your right. It will be on a little hill. Make sure to check the runic symbols on the chest so you know how to match them up. 

For the first one, you will need to throw your axe at it until it changes to a symbol that looks similar to an “N.” Once you have done that, turn around, and the next one will be on the hill directly behind Brok. This one will need to resemble an “L.” 

The last one can be found if you take the path in front of the chest. You will find the last object on the left on a ledge. This one will be a little more challenging to hit because it is covered in a plant that you must destroy first. Looking at the plant closely, it is a luminous blue color. 

Follow the plant from the object to its roots, on the left, next to the tree. Then, using your Blades of Chaos, ignite the roots, and the fire will follow up to the object and destroy the plant so you can hit the plates to change the symbol. The symbol you need for this one needs to resemble an “R.” Once you have done these tasks, you will unlock the chest.

Eastern Barri Woods Nornir Chest

Where is the Eastern Barri Woods Nornir Chest in GoW

Another chest you can find is in the Eastern Barri Woods, in the top right corner of the map. Remember to check the symbols on the chest before you look for the objects to solve the puzzle. 

The first object you need to hit to change the symbol is on your left if you are standing in front of the chest. Use your axe to hit the object and match the symbols to those on the chest. The next one will be down the path, past Freyr at the end of the valley. It’s a far throw, so aim just above the plates to hit it accurately.

Once again, the last one is more difficult to hit. The same plant covers it as in the previous chest location. This time, use Freyr’s explosive skill to mark a path that your Blades of Chaos can trigger. Then ignite the purple target, and a series of explosions will take down the plant so that you can hit the final object. The chest will then be unlocked.

The Abandoned Village Chest

You can find another chest in the abandoned village at the top left corner of the Eastern Barri Woods. To unlock this chest, you will need to do a little more than you have done with the others. You need to light three fires for the chest to unlock. 

To ignite the fires, you need to jump across the valley using your blades of chaos and the crane. The first fire to light is on the ledge in front of you. Light it by swinging the lamp over the fireplace. 

For the next one, you will need to jump back onto the ledge near the chest and change the direction of the crane by hitting the plates on it with your axe. You must hit it carefully so that it swings correctly. As you hit the crane, the lamp will move with it and with the grip you use to swing. The next fire to light is in the center of the tree on the left. 

Use your blades to grab the lamp and swing it to the left to light the second fire. For the third time, you will need to move the crane into place to allow you to swing across to the next ledge again. Turn it once more so you can swing to the next ledge again, and then the chest will be below that with the last fire to light. Once you have lit all the flames, the chest will be unlocked.

Cliffside Ruins Chest

How Do You Open the Cliffside Ruins Chest in GoW

To unlock the Cliffside Ruins Chest, you must leave the chest, jump into your boat, and row down the stream to the left. Dock at the next beach, where a magical door is on the right. 

The first object you will need to hit will be in line with the door and across the river. It’s a long throw, so load up your axe throw so that you can reach it. You might be better off using your spear.

Jump back into your boat and row to the beach next to the first object. To the left is a wall that you can climb. Climb it and then jump across the platforms in the center until you reach the one near the hill with the chain hanging from it. The next object will be hidden in a crack directly behind the chain. 

The symbol won’t be visible on this one, so move to the left and check the chest to see if you’re right. For the last one, jump off the platforms, and it will be on the cliff on the right side of the chest, hidden in a red bush. Use Freyr’s ability to detonate an explosion to destroy the bush, then choose the final symbol. Your chest should then be unlocked.

Now that you’ve found all the Vanaheim Nornir Chests, it’s time to look for the Svartalfheim Nornir chests