God of War Ragnarok Secrets: Hidden Areas, Side Quests, and More!

God of War Ragnarok has an exciting and engaging campaign that should take you between 23-27 hours to complete. When you finish the storyline, you still get to explore the map and complete other side quests. Once finishing the story, you might ask, “Whats Next?.” To that, we say you should explore and uncover all the secrets within the game!

 God of War Ragnarok has loads of hidden areas you can find when you explore the realm. Let’s look at a few of them and how to find them. 

SPOILER ALERT – If you haven’t had a chance to play God of War Ragnarok, be warned that there will be spoilers related to the game in this article. 

Here’s a short video guide to help you find the secret areas.

The Bridge to the Broken Prison

God of War: Ragnarok secret prison quest

The broken bridge is easy to mistake as just aesthetics in GOWR. But it is actually the key to starting the side quest, “ The Broken Prison Side Quest”. Once you have made your way over the bridge, the side quest starts automatically. 

The bridge is pretty easy to spot. It is a large stone bridge that is broken, and it has a small raven tree next to it. Once you cross the bridge, you can then explore the building head, which we assume is the broken prison. 

Secret Room in Noatun’s Garden

God Of War: Where to find the Secret Room in Noatun’s Garden


Many people often miss this secret room. This is mainly because you have to solve a small puzzle before you get to the room. Next to the garden is a small island that you need to get to. Grab your boat and row over to the island. Once you get to the island, dock your boat and climb to the top of the stairs.

You will see a bridge across from you at the top. You need to jump across the bridge. This will give you a great view of the secret room. Using your Blades of Chaos, you need to swing through the window. 

The room is also packed with mushrooms which you need to burn first before you can get in. Use the Blades of Chaos to ignite the mushrooms before you swing.

The Forbidden Sands Cavern

Where is the The Forbidden Sands Cavern in GoWR

This hidden area is probably one of the easiest secrets to miss in God of War Ragnarok. This is because the Cavern is literally hidden in the top corner of the Forbidden Sands map. Your chances of coming across this cavern by accident are even low.

To get to the Forbidden Sands, you need to slip through the Hjarta passageway in Alfheim. Once you are through turn left and head to the bottom corner of the map. When you get here, you will need to solve a puzzle.

The puzzle consists of hive matter, a twilight stone, sigil arrows, and your axe. On the right side of the puzzle, you can use the stone to eliminate the hive matter. Use your sigil arrow to light the second stone that is covered in Hel’s bramble and then use the twilight stones to break the final hive matter. Once you have finished the puzzle, you can enter the cavern, where you will find a legendary chest.

Tyr’s Transformation

Probably one of the biggest twists in the game is when Tyr stabs Brok in the gut and then transforms into Odin. You heard that correctly. Early in the game, when Kratos and Atreus break Tyr, the Norse god of war, out of prison, he was actually Odin in disguise spying on them. Read all about who Brok is here

The scene plays out just after Atreus has completed Loki’s mask. Kratos, Brok, Tyr, Mimir, and Freyr all discuss what they should do with the mask. Brok is alarmed at what Tyr suggested they do with the mask and why he kept calling Atreus Loki just like Odin did. 

Brok even says,” all the pieces aren’t welding together here.”  Shortly after that, Tyr stabs Brok in the gut, he transforms back into Odin and takes Atreus hostage with a knife to his throat. He then teleports away with the mask, and the scene ends. 

Baldur’s Mount And Dragon

Where is Baldur's Mount in GOWR

We all know Baldur as being one of the more serious fights Kratos has had. Well Baldur still features in GOWR.If you take a trip to the Lake of Nine, you will find a massive piece of ice with a bright yellow light shining from inside it between the Lake of Nine and the Shores of Nine. 

You will need your Draupnir Spear to get to the yellow light. Through your spear directly at the light. When it is stuck in the ice, press triangle to make it detonate. This will create a pathway for you through the ice to the source of the light. In the ice, you will find the remains of Baldur’s dragon, mount Dagsetr.

The Crater

The crater in Vanahiem is a massive area with tons to explore. We suggest you only attempt exploring this area once you have completed the storyline. When you are exploring this area you need to have the skills necessary to get around. You will also need to unlock the dam to avoid getting locked out from a large part of the crater. 

If you can get a guide to the area that would be very helpful. Other than the difficulties of navigating the crater, the area has loads of hidden areas that have great loot and a legendary chest here and there.


After Fenrir dies and his soul is transferred to Garms body, Fenrir returns to the game as a giant wolf. After you have completed the storyline, you can still interact with Fenrir by going to Jotunheim. In Joutnheim, you find Angrboda, who is Fenrir’s caretaker, and Fenrir. You can also interact with Fenrir now by petting him. 

Tyr’s Temple

Tyr's Temple GoWR

Midgard doesn’t seem to play as big as Olympus played in the previous games. But there are still some cool areas to explore there. One of these areas is Tyr’s Temple. To get into the temple, you need to get to the massive building in the centre of the lake. 

Tyr has a rich history in Norse mythology and plays a major role in the game, read about it here.

Travel to the other side of the building. When you hear Mimir describe the place as feeling weird, you will know you’re at the right place. Enter the next door ahead, and you will see the Yggdrasil tree inside the realm travel room. 

Here’s another video with loads of secrets from God of War Ragnarok.