Alfheim Nornir Chest Locations and Solutions

Throughout God of War Ragnarok, you can find tons of chests with amazing loot inside. Often these chests have a small puzzle you need to solve before the chest is revealed. In the article, our goal is to describe the locations of five of the chests and how to solve the puzzle. Let’s dive in. 

Here is a list of five of the chest we are going to discuss:

  • The Strond
  • The Temple of Light
  • The Below
  • The barrens
  • The Forbidden Sands

Here’s a short video with the directions to each chest.

The Strond

When you find yourself in the Strond, there are two chests to unlock. The first Nornirchest can be found at the top of the map across from the Strond signet. To get to the chest, you will need to go through the area you are standing at and jump off a ledge near the dam. 

To unlock the chest, you need to solve a puzzle by igniting three fires with your Blades of Chaos. The first one can be found directly to the left on a small ledge. The second fire you need to light will be on the right of the chest, just down the path on a small ledge like the first one. 

Alfheim Nornir Chests Locations: The Strond

For the last Nornir chest, you will need to go back the way you came all the until you run into Tyr (Read who Tyr is here) as he climbs a ledge. Climb the same ledge as Tyr, and on your left, you will find a ledge again with the fire you need to light.

The second Nornir chest in the stronds can be found close to the entrance of the Stronds. You see that the chests have Three 3  runic symbols on them. As you explore the area, there will be three items you need to hit with these symbols in the same sequence they are on the chest.

Change to the Draupnir Spear for this chest. The first symbol will be on the right side of the chest. Throw your spear to activate the Nornir chest. The second will be a little more to the right of the previous one. This one will be up on a ledge near one of the big trees.

For find the final one, you walk toward the broken bridge and gate. At the broken bridge, look to your right; in the distance, you will see the final symbol. Throw your weaponry at them, and once you have hit all of the symbols, go to the Nornir chest and hit your spear on the ground to unlock the chest. 

Temple of Light

Alfheim Nornir Chests Locations: Temple of Light

The Temple of light is found as you get through the gate in the Strond. When you enter the temple, the chest will be at the bottom of the stairs. To unlock the Nornir chest you need to throw the Leviathan Axe at the purple sphere behind the chest to activate the symbols. The first symbol can be found hanging right next to the chest on the left. 

The next one is further to the left on a ledge. To find the third one, you need to hit the purple sphere for the symbols to reset and then throw at them again. You will then see the Nornir chest unlock.

The Below

Alfheim Nornir Chests Locations and Solutions

As soon as you get to the ‘Below’ you will find the chest just outside of the area when you exit the below at the bottom. Once again, to open the Nornir chest your will need to find the three items with the runic symbols on them. 

The first one can be found on your right as you walk up to the chest. The next one will be opposite to the chest, and the final one will be in the cabin above the chest, which you can get to by climbing the ledge next to the second item you hit. 

The Barrens

Alfheim Nornir Chests Locations and Solutions: The Barren

The next chest we can find in Alfheim is in the Barrens. As you enter the area, you can easily see the chest in front of you on a ledge. To unlock this Nornir chest, you need to ignite three fires. The first fire to light will be directly on the left of the chest. The second will be on the top of the tower to the left of the chest as well. The third fire to light can be found right above the chest of the tower.

The Forbidden Sands


In the Forbidden Sands area, there are two chests that you can find. The first chest is in a crater at the top of the area. To unlock it you need to find the three fire pits with the symbols on them. The first one will be on your right as you are looking at the chest. Use your Blades of Chaos to light them.

Alfheim Nornir Chests Locations and Solutions: The forbidden Sands

The second one will be on the pillar as you go under the fallen rock near the chest. To light this one, Freyr needs to activate her ability up the rock so you can ignite it with your Blades of Chaos. 

As you hit the marker created from her ability, it will trigger an explosion that will light the fire. The same can be done for the third symbol. You will find it in a cave on a ledge to the right of the second one. 

The next chest in the Forbidden Sands area can be found near the building on the right side of the crater where you found the first chest. At the bottom of the door, you will see a crack. Use your axe to break it and crawl through.

When you initially get to the light elf graves at the bottom of the path, you will see that the Nornir chest has no symbols on it at first. You need to deactivate the light covering the area. At the first light elf grave, you will see a purple stone. 

Using your heavy throw, attack throw it at the stone when you see a blue line aiming directly from the stone to the first ball of light. Do this until they all deactivate. Once again, you need to find and ignite three fires. These fire pits are too far for Kratos to use his Blades of Chaos, so you will need to use Atreus and Freyr to light them.

The first one can be found in the distance, directly behind the purple stone. Use Freyr to set a detonation trail and Atreus ignite it to light the fire. The next one can be found on the opposite side of the path to the first one. Use the same method to light it. 

For the last light, you need to act fast. Above the second fire, you see a red door. Use Atreus to open the door by shooting an arrow at it. The door will only stay open for a limited time. From the fire below, use Freyr’s ability to set out a trail from the door to the fire underneath. Then use Atreus to open the door again and trigger the explosive from the bottom to light the last fire. The chest will then be unlocked.

God of War Ragnarok is filled with secrets, puzzles and chests. There are other chests in the game to find, such as the Svartalfheim Nornir Chests